Hi. I'm Daniel.

I'm a university student and developer with a passion for UI & UX design

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I am a student at the University of Toronto Mississauga. I am completing a double major in Computer Science and Communication, Culture, Information and Technology (CCIT). Many of the courses I am taking are focused around web development and user experience design. When I graduate, I would like to enter a career focused around these UI and UX design because I have a huge interest in them.

I have experience working as a software engineer from a previous internship with Temenos Canada Inc. Through U of T's Professional Experience Year (PEY) program, I was able to earn a 14-month internship with Temenos, working on various projects both for clients and internal use. I am currently working part-time with a start-up as a front-end developer.

Outside the classroom and workplace, I enjoy playing video games, watching anime and occasionally playing guitar. I keep up with the latest in technology news and trends, as well as work on various personal side projects.

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Some of my work

Daily UI

Various User Interfaces Challenges

A collection of my attempts from the Daily UI Challenge. These daily challenges give a problem for me to create my own solution to. I complete the challenges in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


OpenWeatherMap Web App

A Vue.js app where a user can check the weather in any city or at their current location with geolocation tracking. Accesses OpenWeatherMap API for weather data.


Clock, Timer & Stopwatch

An Angular app designed similarly to Google's Clock app on Google Play. Mikuru has a working clock, timer and stopwatch, as well as a dark/light theme switcher.


MyAnimeList User List Client

A MyAnimeList User List Client. Users can view search for anime and manga lists via MyAnimeList username.

Elsie is currently not operational due to the MyAnimeList API outage.


This website

My personal website. Contains information about me, including links to my social networks and some of my personal projects.

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